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Originally Posted by Gassipper View Post
Thank you for the advice and the links. between the two I would be more likely to do what AndrewJ did with his CX.

As far as staying in lean burn, how can you do that more? I try to stay in the "dead pedal" zone as much as I can (traffic permitting) but it just does not seem to have enough power to get up some long hills and keep a decent speed.
I usually shift to 4th going up a gentle hill to stay in lean burn but Is it more efficient to go from 5th to 3rd going up a steep hill to stay in lean burn?
Do you have any fuel economy instrumentation? An MPGuinon is my choice, especially for older pre-OBD vehicles. The instantaneous feedback is invaluable.

I've personally found staying in a higher gear is better, but you'll find differing opinions on the topic. However, if you pull weight and improve the drag, you'll find you need to downshift far less.
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