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NURBs modelling is resolution independent until it's mapped to those cells., or voxels.
The CAD-CAM, Auto-Cad software creates the wire-frame of terrific resolution which generates the grid surfaces as solutions of the equations for the mesh of cells ( the Boeing 747 required 8,388,608 of them ) for all the time steps the algorithm will run each x,y, and z address through to resolve the features of the flow.
One wing investigated at Princeton University had 294,012 cells, simultaneously solving coupled nonlinear equations for 1,474,560 unknowns.
The 'power' of the CFD would only be constrained by computing capacity.
Capacity isn't the whole story; there're also the algorithms. I like OpenVDB
Quote: › publication › 259288658_VDB_High-Resolution_Sparse_Volumes_with_Dynamic_Topology
VDB: High-Resolution Sparse Volumes with Dynamic Topology
OpenVDB is a hierarchical data structure developed by Museth [11] of Dreamworks Animation. It is used for the efficient representation of sparse, time-varying volumetric data, discretized on a 3D...
Looking at it appear the only project using OpenVDB hasn't progessed in 2 years.
Fluid Engine Openvdb ⭐ 2
Fluid simulation engine for computer graphics applications, which is based on OpenVDB
most recent commit 2 years ago
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