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Quote: science article pii S187661021730022X
A Mechanical and Environmental Assessment and Comparison of Basalt ...
A previous study estimates the energy required for basalt fibre production to be around 5 kWh/kg in an electric furnace, whilst the energy required to produce steel is around 14 kWh/kg [13]. It is expected that this disparity in energy consumption will have an impact on the environmental performance of BFRP. benefits-comparisons
Benefits/Comparisons - Basalt Fiber Composite Reinforcements
Basalt has 20 - 40% better mechanical properties and puncture resistance than Fiberglass. Basalt is very Eco-Friendly, with dramatically lower environmental impact (10 : 1) vs. fiberglass products. Basalt fiber has significantly lower cost than carbon fiber (10 - 15X lower). Green Building Materials For Concrete Construction

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