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Originally Posted by Logic View Post
Surely not!?
Could an arrangement of strong magnets on the intake of your air filter really (even slightly) separate out some of the O2 (paramagnetic) from N2 (diamagnetic), making for 02 rich induction!???

Here's the Research Paper Abstract:

Which brings me to another pet beef/question:
HOW TO GET RESEARCH PAPERS FOR FREE?? form these Tuck-Fards wanting money for research they never paid for???
My SWAG is: perhaps only gaseous diffusion in a centrifuge, using the mass differential of the two gases, could separate them. Or cryogenics. One would 'liquify' before the other.
If you managed to get enriched oxygen into the engine, it might just immediately oxidize the first lubricant hydrocarbon it came into contact with.
Like oiling an oxygen regulator on an oxyacetylene welding unit.
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