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Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
There's no reason to want more oxygen. Engines and fuel are designed around use with regular air.
One of the major problems in any engine is NOx. If we could solve this problem with a cheap and easy solution then we could go back to lean burn engines and diesels would be able to get way better efficiencies than they do today.

One idea I had (ya, I'm no scientist) was to filter out the nitrogen from the air and then replace it with the CO2 and water vapor from the exhaust. But I found two major problems.
  1. Finding a way to filter out all that nitrogen would take way too much energy making the engine very inefficient.
  2. N2 lends itself to efficiency as it has a higher specific heat ratio than CO2 or H2O vapor.

If only we could cheaply run our engines on bottled helium and oxygen...
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