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I would keep some toe in on the front (in the middle of the recommended spec for toe in), and use the minimum recommended toe in on the back.

Toe in is required because suspension flexes at higher speed from tire drag. This will cause it to be zero toe in at highway speed or during braking. What you don't want is toe out at speed. That leads to very twitchy and dangerous steering. Aftermarket racing suspension is much stiffer than stamped steel factree components and you can get away with less toe in than stock since there is less flex.

If you hypermile at 50 mph or less, you could get away with zero toe in front and back.

As far as caster, more positive caster is more stable at speed but leads to harder (effort used) steering at low speed. Camber, IDK. I like zero just for tire wear, especially if you are running maximum tire pressure for gas mileage. There is some advantage with having camber cornering, as it allows the maximum size contact patch on the road.
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