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Originally Posted by taco View Post
my old es300 and camry do that wot throttle while the car is cold would give u about 3500ish rpm shift, and no od till it gets warm.
The 'Teg does the same thing, even if it's 100F outside, or had been on the EBH (but not as much). 1200RPM, I believe, is the high idle setting. The trigger is a wax sensor that deforms under normal coolant temps to divert intake air.

What does stay the same the refusal to shift to 3rd until 2500RPM (I can force 2nd). This is a pain, since I need to motor along side streets for a about a mile until the 45 zone. I usually give it a quick boost up to 2600, let off the gas, and ker-plunk: 3rd. Light throttle at that point yields the best FE vs. racing along at 2100. The TC has a mind of it's own, though

Back to topic, I'm leaning towards the suggestion of voltage regulation for the spike in RPM. My batt is almost done as well, but I don't think it has this feature. When warm, the only time I get high idle is if I flubbed a startup and didn't crank long enough. Then, that second time around seems to take a while to fire up again and it high-idles for about 10 seconds.

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