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Originally Posted by Gasoline Fumes View Post
Are you sure there's nothing else on that circuit? Assuming the light switches are off (and wired correctly), the hot should only be connected to the switches, outlets, and breaker in the panel. So it's a GFCI outlet, but a regular breaker? Light-up switches or USB ports on the outlets? Meter working correctly?
It’s been extremely west/damp

I’m thinking the outdoor light outlet combo that is inexplicably on the circuit is to blame but I’m not sure how to break a hardwired thing I never use from the circuit.

I will need a new ac ammeter to determine the true current, right now I can only meter OHMs which might drop with actual AC applied.

Jumping over the switched to the unswitched side of the ground faiult with everything off makes small sparks so definitely some current but from I can tell it’s well under an amp.
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