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I don't have any idea.

We have Safeway and Walmart. I buy stuff from Walmart wherever I can because it always seems cheaper, but one time Mom gave me her shopping list, I looked up everything in the app, and then I bought it from Walmart.

It cost 10 more and I didn't get any fuel points.

I picked up orders inside of Walmart years ago. It turned out that they didn't come from the store's inventory, they were mailed from an actual warehouse.

Once the site showed a flash drive for half what they asked in-store. I showed an employee and, without looking, he said it was different.
"It has the same UPC code!"
"No, it's different."
"You didn't even look!"

I don't enjoy shopping--or cooking--as much as Mom, but when I couldn't get Walmart to deliver in a timely manner I had them bring it out to my car once or twice.

There was no way that it would have taken as long for me to run in and grab it myself.

Never again.

Mom acts like it is the end of the world when I use self-checkout.
"Why? I'm the best-looking cashier."

When I do get in line with a human they don't talk to me half the time.

What's the point?

She doesn't really trust me to shop for her. I think she just does it so she can criticize me.

She is never going to trust a stranger and how much better would she feel complaining about a faceless stranger?
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