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Apparently Toyota calls the valve cover the "Cylinder head cover!" :)

I finally found the factory service manual, but apparently Toyota doesn't have a Table of Contents or an index like Honda, and when I searched it didn't show "Valve cover" once in 1,554 pages!
I started going through the instructions for replacing the head gasket and found this!

I [thought I] found knock-off FSMs. Apparently I found the factory service manual pretty quickly. I still think that I found some fakes--I clicked on a link claiming to have over 1,000 pages, but it only had 5-10 and ads, but apparently Toyota wrote “Work for preventing gasoline from spilling out” and gave big instructions that we are supposed to be able to figure out on our own, not specifying where everything is, or how to do what it says.
That phrase didn't make sense and apparently errors were made in copying, but I wasted all day!

This is the complete FSM: PDF ONLINE – Toyota Camry 2002 – 2006 Service Repair Manual
This is one of many pieces without links to other sections (that wouldn't really work)Cylinder head gasket (2AZ−FE)(From July, 2003)

Clicking on the search function pulled up a page without a search box. Searching Google for "Valve cover" and "Cylinder head cover" didn't have valid results.

I searched for "Cylinder head cover gasket" and found these:

This is from what appears to be a knock-off:

Close enough.

I hadn't thought the number and logo in the bottom corners were important; I cropped those.

However, that diagram wasn't in the page that I linked, it was here: Camshaft (2AZ−FE)(From July, 2003)

I found several pages and found some bits and pieces that I need, but not everything.

Apparently Toyota doesn't care about the exact order we use to bolt the valve cover back. It says:
  1. Apply seal packing to the 2 locations shown in the illustration. Seal packing: Part No. 08826−00080 or equivalent.
  2. Remove any oil from the contact surface.
  3. Install the cylinder head cover within 5 minutes after
    applying seal packing.
  4. Do not apply engine oil for at least 2 hours after installing.
  5. Install the cylinder head cover with the 8 bolts and 2 nuts.
    Torque: 11 N⋅m (112 kgf⋅cm, 8 ft⋅lbf)
When I finally found the right part of the FSM I saw that someone shared this: Camry L4-2.4L (2AZ-FE) (2005)
It has everything but applying the gasketmaker, so that could be problematic!

It seems like my PCV valve hose broke when I was trying to remove it.

I was able to rotate it! Why couldn't I remove it?!

Toyota says that it is $24. We will see if the place in-town has it. I cannot find an aftermarket one locally, but I am sure the Orally men can come up with something.

It was soaked with oil, as is the cowl seal, for which Toyota charges $38.
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