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Originally Posted by Xist View Post
I need to:
  1. Find the Hondabond and leave it somewhere warm.
  2. Clean the oil out of the spark plug wells. Finally replace the spark plugs when I change the oil if they stay clean?
  3. Remove the PCV hose.
  4. Wipe off the valve cover. Is foot powder bad for an engine?
  5. Buy some $2 airbrush cleaning brushes from Harbor Freight and clean out the gasketmaker in one of the bolt holes.
  6. Call Hatch Toyota at 08 and see if they have a PCV valve. If not, see the orally men.
  7. Go over the mating surface again to ensure it is clean.
  8. Check the valve cover and head for cracks. I keep reading about cracks in the metal causing leaks!
  9. Apply Hondabond by the timing chain.
  10. Install the new gasket and tighten the fasteners with some realistic crisscross applesauce action. What do you think of this? Don't care?
  11. Torque to 8 foot-pounds.
  12. Set the oil pan heater on the valve cover with a fire brick on top and check the temperatures over 2 hours.
  13. Reinstall the coils and wires.
None of that seemed like it would take long, but it rarely does.
It seemed to take hours to find my Hondabond, but I straightened quite a bit of my room.

I need to clear off my bed again.

I made my brother's breakfast, supervised his speech therapy, took him to lunch, Dollar Tree, and Harbor Freight, and made whatever this is:

When do I fix my car?!
I twisted shop towels and pushed them into my spark plug wells, and then twisted in the other end.
The top and bottom quarters of one of the towels was soaked, so I put a clean one in there.
I just want to spray brake cleaner in there and then compressed air.
I don't have misfires.
The PCV hose was difficult, but for some reason it and the other hose have outer hoses, and I need to figure out to work the other outer hose back.
I didn't use the wire brush. That should only take a minute--when I remember.
I called Hatch and just left a voice mail. I sent an e-mail and the guy called back.
He said it will take a day or two for the hose and 1-2 weeks for the cowl gasket.
About eighty dollars for two relatively-small pieces of rubber.
They are open Saturday, so hopefully I have it this week.
I tried using my pink plastic scraper and pink razor, but they just bent, so I used my carbide scraper to clean the mating surfaces, but I went along with the mating surface, so the scratches go the right way.
The beads of seal packing are for where the timing cover attaches.
I don't have clients until 1300 tomorrow, so hopefully I can knock out a bunch more.
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