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To be clear, this is not my modification... I found it and tried it.

The Bitcoin Blockchain Fuel Saver…
How to build your own fuel saver for diesel vehicles. (Not for lighter fuels like petrol but feel free to experiment.)

You will need at least 11 sheets of college ruled paper, scissors, tape and patience. The objective is to create four stacks of smaller rectangular pieces of paper. One hundred and fifty two pieces of paper for each block.

Start by stacking 5 sheets of paper together and cut the third line from the bottom all the way across to get 5 strips, 3 lines wide. Then fold the top piece three times to get eight equal sections. Unfold the top piece and place back on the 4 other strips. Use the crease marks as your cut lines and begin cutting. Hold close to a table or something, as the pieces like to fly off while cutting. Repeat until you have completed cutting 4 strips (enough pieces to complete the first block). Then take out eight of those pieces and discard them(I usually don’t use the pieces with the holes in them.), in order to get 152 in your first block. Next cut enough length of tape to go around the block twice and then cut that piece into skinny strips, as you don’t want to cover much area over the block. Less tape covering the paper blocks is desirable.

Repeat the last step until you get 4 individual blocks of 152 pieces of paper completed and you’re ready for the next step. Which is taping the blocks together in an offset pattern (50/50), so it will look like a staircase when completed.

With the last piece of paper you are going to wrap it up like a present, no bows needed… This is to keep the middle part clean, which is very important! (Must be discarded if it becomes dirty.) To properly destroy… cut apart and separate it into individual pieces.

Place the fuel saver near the cap of the fuel tank and walk away for about an hour? You can also rest it on the top of a single walled fuel tank as well. It can be held over the fill hole, with the cap off for a few minutes but do NOT DROP IT INTO YOUR TANK! See what works… as this part has not been tested that much. The fuel saver does not need to stay with your vehicle to work. In fact it would be better if you shared it with your friends.

It must be placed in a hard plastic storage container in order to stop it’s effects. Gatorade bottle, Crystal Light, Etc… The unit becomes less effective with time (months), so share with your friends.

The effect (economy boost) lasts for quite some time, so you will not need to do this every fill up. However a few applications per year may be beneficial?
Oil in the crankcase will also tend to collect more water after a treatment, so you don’t want to do back to back treatments. Check your oil levels more often, as high oil levels can damage some engines.
Maybe do the first treatment on your vehicle with it’s tank half full and the oil at the half full level as well? Try to avoid applications during the rainy season/winter if possible?
This information is experimental and if you use it, there are no guarantees of any kind!
Use at your own risk!

Bitcoin tip jar, for the inventor.

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