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Originally Posted by Christian View Post
Are you in Europe?
Sometimes I wish I was there...

I did my driver's test at 16-17 in an automatic car, and about 2 years later I bought a car with a manual transmission. As you can expect, there were some hiccups along the way, but I always thought it was weird that I didn't need to get tested in a manual transmission car.
Nowadays even in Brazil, where automatics are having a considerable increase to their market share, I guess in a few years there will be novice drivers who will only have to drive a manual for the driving test and never will do it again. Sure a restricted driver license would be a PITA while renting a car in Europe on vacations, but I would be favorable if automatic-only licenses were available for the average Joe here instead of being issued only to some drivers with a disability. On a sidenote, yesterday I saw a guy with bum legs who has to walk with crutches driving a car with manual transmission, yet most likely his car had a vacuum-operated automated clutch which used to be quite common in cars adapted for disabled drivers here.
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