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I see that you are in Istanbul [or Kocaeli]. If you have any influence there, talk up Ceramic Houses.
Ceramic houses are buildings made of an earth mixture which is high in clay, and fired to become ceramic. The process of building and firing such houses was developed by Iranian architect Nader Khalili in the late 1970s; he named it Geltaftan. "Gel" means "clay" and "taftan" means "firing, baking, and weaving clay" in Persian language. Khalili's research into creating ceramic houses was strongly based on the idea that permanent, water-resistant, and earthquake-resistant houses could be built with the implementation of the four elements: earth and water to build the forms, and fire and air to finish them. His impassioned work led to a few small scale projects in Iran, including the Javadabad Elementary School, and the Ghaled Mofid restoration project. Aside from Khalili's own documented work, there seems to be little widespread research on ceramic houses.

Khalili's energy budget for one unreinforced clay building was one drum of kerosene. He move on from this to other methods based on sandbags and barbed wire.

One problem with this is if a firing fails, it's hard to bury the result. I think there is opportunity to engineer a tilt-up or modular tile solutons.
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