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I'd have labels that say "compare with a price of 1 billion dollars", or "product contains no anthrax"
Reminds me of a character in Robt. Anton Wilson's The Illuminatus Trilogy. "Markoff Chaney a midget on a cross country mission to spread chaos"

His modus operandi was to put up signs you might expect -- with an extra word inserted to make it ambiguous. You might be interested in Wilson. Here's what Wikipedia says about his economic thoughts.
Wilson favored a form of basic income guarantee; synthesizing several ideas under the acronym RICH. His ideas are set forth in the essay "The RICH Economy," found in The Illuminati Papers.[40] In an article critical of capitalism, Wilson self-identified as a "libertarian socialist", saying that "I ask only one thing of skeptics: don't bring up Soviet Russia, please. That horrible example of State Capitalism has nothing to do with what I, and other libertarian socialists, would offer as an alternative to the present system."[41] By the 1980s he was less enthusiastic about the socialist label, writing in Prometheus Rising that he "does not like" the spread of socialism.[42] In his book Right Where You Are Sitting Now, he praises the georgist economist Silvio Gesell.[43] In the essay Left and Right: A Non-Euclidean Perspective, Wilson speaks favorably of several "excluded middles" that "transcend the hackneyed debate between monopoly Capitalism and totalitarian Socialism"; he says his favorite is the mutualist anarchism of Benjamin Tucker and Pierre-Joseph Proudhon, but he also offers kind words for the ideas of Gesell, Henry George, C. H. Douglas, and Buckminster Fuller.[44] Wilson also identified as an anarchist and described his belief system as "a blend of Tucker, Spooner, Fuller, Pound, Henry George, Rothbard, Douglas, Korzybski, Proudhon and Marx.
A mutualist anarchist that follows Tucker, Proudhon and Fuller.

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