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Well, I have both an Electric Geo Metro, and an electric motorcycle with almost the exact same motor and the one suggested, so I will weigh in on the topic.

>Battery Weight
>Motor Gearing
>Where do you put the motor?

I think one limitation you will have is space - where the batteries go, and where the motor goes. The Etek is a very compact motor, but it still has to be spaced and mounted. You also need room for the motor controller, and charger if you want to recharge while out and about. Since you will have gas power, figuring out charging and regen braking would be pretty slick. Kelly controllers have a regen feature available. A Permanent magnet motor like the Etek RT could be used for regen.

Please keep motor gearing in mind. Electric motors want to spin fast with less load to be efficient. My motorcycle has about a 6;1 great ratio on it. It has plenty of power. I have heard of guys using higher gear ratios, and burning out their motors because of it. Faster spinning motor = less amps = better range and happy equipment.

I have 450 lbs of lead in my car, and I can go 20 miles on a charge.

I mostly have space for everything in my car because all the gas stuff is out of the way. I would be a challenge to fit everything in as a hybrid. Not saying you can't do it, just that it might be a puzzle!

You might want a higher amp controller. Keep in mind that most controllers are rated at their "peak" amperage - the power they can put through for only a minute.

Also, if you are using the electric for pulling away from stops and getting going, that's when you are pulling a lot of amps. A higher amp controller means better acceleration.

I really don't know what the best place to put the motor is, just make sure it's mounted solid and geared down well!!!

AWESOME project!
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