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She has been in a hospital for a week, barely eating or drinking, and struggling to just bathe herself.

She couldn't finish her shift on Sunday and all that has changed is that she has pain management with mixed results.

Undoubtedly, her cancer has gotten a little worse.

It sounds like it will be further days or a week before they know exactly how bad her cancer is and figure out how to best treat it.

My sister, the nurse practitioner, asked "Does she have a friend who can start a GoFundMe for her?"
I replied "Yes, Xist, Doer of Things!"

However, it is always said when I am the best man for the job.

I offered and my friend said "No, I will be fine!"

I have every confidence in her ability to beat cancer, just not in her capacity to work full-time for a long time.

She insists that she cannot rely on anyone else.

"Hey lady, how much did your mom watch your kids before all of this? How often does she give you and your kids rides? What else does she do for you?"

She claims that I make Mom sound like a saint compared to hers, but due to how much her mom does for my friend and her kids, methinks the lady doth protest too much.
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