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That house is for sale for $297,500

I linked the listing on ReMax, which still doesn't show it for sale!
Her realtor's page, which still doesn't show it for sale!

Zillow says it hit the market yesterday: 616 N 6th Ave
I spent forever trying to zoom in on the chart to see when the market value peaked, but since Zillow has a main column with pictures of the house and basic information in the second column above the scollable details, with the background showing other properties in the area,
  1. You cannot get those main columns to occupy the full screen because it wants to show the background with the other properties in the area.
  2. When you zoom in the main column takes up more and more of the screen.
  3. If you delete it the section with the basic information takes up more and more of the screen.
  4. If you delete that, the page goes away, and you just get the background, without any properties, just a grey map.
There is a table!

Zillow says that it peaked in June at $334,200, but now it is worth $289,600. The seller bought it on 11/30/2021 for $201,000, which it was worth between July and August of 2020.

Zillow says it was worth around $271,600 when it sold the last time.

It doesn't have air conditioning, the lawn isn't great, and it only has chain link fences, while some owners have put in solid or at least privacy fences.

It does have an 18x24 shed, though!

Hey, does anyone know if that could be fixed up for a personal apartment?
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