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How to Assemble the VAD-VAD BLOCK -- Maker Workshop

3D Printed Geopolymer, The Pyramids & Roman Construction | The 10,000 Year Home

There is another video that shows how to make the form for the mold. It occurs to me that with two molds you could have curved blocks for the inside and outside of a specific radius curved wall.

Rather than an expensive 3D printer, one could mix up a batch and put it in a big hypodermic needle and use that to fill each mold.

The '10,000 year' part is hyperbole. Few things would retain their utility, except really generic designs. Dry laid blocks could be reconfigured like Legos. This satisfies Scott Adams's criteria for the House Of The Future.

I emailed this to my family, does anyone want to build anything, or know how to get Scott Adams attention. Maybe post on Twitter or something?
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