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Originally Posted by Piotrsko View Post
Depending on bible version, yes Adam was first opposed to biting said fruit but was eventually convinced. No mention of supposed superior intelligence or other superior powers granted by the fruit being consumed, so possibly either a fraudulent claim or a ruse.
It's way worse than blaming Eve. Adam did the passive/agressive move by telling God that he was responsible for creating the woman, implying that the wrongdoing really originated from God. That's the age-old dichotomy; suggesting God is either responsible for all choices made, or not omniscient and benevolent.

When humanity became conscious of the "knowledge of good and evil", they simultaneously became responsible for their actions. That's not a superpower; that's a curse. Other creatures suffer consequences, but none are responsible for anything.

Every political argument revolves around this. There is no such thing as liberty without responsibility. A faceless, soulless bureaucratic system can assume responsibilities for individuals only by people forfeiting liberty. Authority and responsibility are inseparable. You gain or lose both in equal measure. Best to convey authority to those most motivated to be responsible for the individual, which most basically resides with the individual.
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