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Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
Wasn't there a fig leaf involved?
Yeah, but that was just another insidious device to make men into fools.

I ran into the first girl that ever kissed me tonight, in a small town of 10k, at a bluegrass concert in the backyard of someone's house... recalling back, I was in 1st grade, and she was in 2nd. She took the girls bathroom pass and exited, only to return and motion to me to get a bathroom pass, just out of sight of the teacher. Had no idea what that was about, as my routine was to survive classroom lectures, and then fight hordes of enemies at recess. She took me to the drinking fountain, and we both got a sip, and then she kissed me.

I went from knowing exactly how to combat hordes of enemies, to knowing nothing whatsoever in an instant. From that moment forward, I wanted more of that to happen, and the more I obsessed, the less I got.

Eve has the apple, and you'll eat it (if she offers it to you). Then you'll sacrifice yourself for the prospect of more apples.

As JBP says, metaphor can be more real than actual facts, because what you had for breakfast doesn't matter compared to understanding the motivations of humanity. We understand through narrative, facts aside.

Stephanie's appearance tonight was stupendous. I kept the chit-chat short, because I know Adam is an idiot (my middle name), and Eve still has tempting apples.
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