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Originally Posted by hhughes0320 View Post
You said that you have a tech manual. Can you let me know where you got one? I am having some difficulty getting one.

I want to soup my 2007 Miles ZX40 up and get it up to about 30-35mph.

Also currently having issues with power.
Checked all fuses, but they all look good.
Do you know which fuse powers the radio?
1st off the easiest way to speed up the miles zx40 is to buy a smallish contactor (50-100 amp should be more than enough), measure the OHM value over the field and put in a small section of bare 12-16 guage copper wire of sufficient length and small enough gauge to be approximately equal to the OHM value of the field on the series wound motor. Thus when you click on the contactor over the field you will perform field reduction and be able to increase your top end speed. YOU MUST have a ammeter to monitor how much current you draw when you perform this action so you do not melt anything. It is also a very good Idea to have your contactor on an easy to access switch and only turn it on once you are going about 20mph so you don't draw too much current.

If your car has an AC motor your are up ship crick as you would need to reconfigure your controller which as of yet hasn't been accomplished (or rewind your motor). You could ask at to see if he has done any AC cars and what approximate method he uses, sadly he is very expensive but if it works for you and you can't get it anywhere else I guess you might have no choice.

As toward the tech manual it is really just a set of repair documents...

These coarse like service manuals are for different segments of the vehicle, they are geared for troubleshooting/repairing the vehicle but don't go as in depth as I would like but they are all I have. I doubt you can get one off the web. One section does go through rebuilding the transmission which may be of use to the both of us.

MILESEVOWNERSGROUP : Messages : 1-30 of 30

there is one for sale there by I believe the owner of the company but I am uncertain how in depth it is.

As for the radio I believe one section referes to it and has a halfway circuit but again I am uncertain if it is in depth enough to fix or not.

As for the tranny the company that made it is shuttered up, I have gotten a contact but haven't tried yet. My guess is you would have to buy a complete tranny at great cost along with all the linkages. It may however be possible to change the gear permanently which I have thought about also, 3rd would give decent speed but hill power in my paticular vehicle would probably be unacceptable.

PM me and I between the two of us maybe we can figure a way for you to get this 12 part set to fit in your email.


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