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Circling back to your original question, many PCMs/ECUs can be hacked or edited. Old Hondas often would have a physical chip added which you could plug into via USB. Later ones you could just flash via the OBD port. I'd be surprised if your Explorer couldn't be flashed, and there is likely software that exposes the timing and fuel tables.

I guess the point I was trying to make was, I don't think there's any conspiracy to make them burn more fuel. Turns out overseas cars don't actually get better economy - all of the JDM and NZDM and AUDM cars I have access to here generally do about the same as their American counterparts. The only real differences I've encountered are, that most of them have options with smaller engines and taller gearing, and people generally opt for smaller cars. Rather than the Ford F150 being the best selling vehicle here, it's the 2120lb Suzuki Swift with a 1.0L engine. Tires here also use different compounds, because the climate is different - most places in the world don't have North America's relatively extreme summers and winters. A Ford Ranger is considered a massive vehicle, and most utility vehicles used for hauling or towing have 2.2L or smaller 4 cylinder diesel engines.
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