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Ford Explorer 5.0 Proposal

What is your guys thoughts on attempting a mid to mild mpg build on a 2001 5.0 explorer? 13/18 avg stock mpg

If I choose this route almost everything on the vehicle will be rebuilt or replaced. Suspension, balal joints, rear axles, brakes, fluids, full engine and transmission rebuild. I want it to basically be "new".

For the engine I'd do a rebuild. I would mill off 30 thousands of the heads increasing compression ratio to 9.6/1. Mildly increase initial and base timing. Electric fan. Full synthetic oil. Keep or replace with the milder explorer cam and not replace with the GT hotter cam. EGR block. Any other ideas?

Replace the AWD system with the F150 4x4 system. It does not seem to difficult to achieve and seems to greatly increase drivetrain efficiency.

Replace rims with equal size lighter weight rims. Build a front aero under tray/off-road engine protector.

Any other ideas, what kind of MPG could I expect off this build? Or maybe go with a SUV that's already more fuel efficient?

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