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Originally Posted by JacobLeSann View Post
Isaac, good points. We’re on the same page. I think a trike may be heavier but will have better floatation than bike.
Surface area. The more the surface area the more it will float as long as weight doesn't increase proportionally with the increase of surface area.

Like Red said, it's best to have all that surface area as linear as possible. That way what snow that does get compacted is as little snow as possible.

So keeping everything in line is one step, two tires or ski then track. Keep them in line is best.

Another way of increasing surface area and compacting as little snow as possible is to go long instead of wide. You do need some width, but long and skinny is better than short and fat. That goes for skis and it also goes for tracks. Of course there is a practical limit, but generally longer is better than wider.

You can increase the surface contact of a tire lenthwise by making the diameter bigger. Again, there are limits to where it starts becoming impractical.
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