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Nothing as of yet, but working on a few things. The -5°F weather prevents much work from being done.

The very first thing I am going to do is get the stock underbody paneling back on (pictured below). It had been removed when I was doing engine and exhaust work on the car and I just never bothered to put it back on. Last night I got my box of stainless fasteners from, so the panels can be put back on this weekend. Those bolts on the underside rust SO fast in Wisconsin's salty roads in the winter! Unfortunately, two of the 4 mounting bolts had the heads snapped off while removing them the first time. Hopefully I don't have to drill and tap extra holes to hold it on.

The grill block is an idea that I am looking into. However, the Paseo is known to have odd occasional overheating issues, so I'm weary of doing any work in that respect right now (yeah, even with the cold weather). I need to get my scangauge back from the friend I lent it to before I go ahead with that. But, it'll definitly be done.

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