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Originally Posted by Isaac Zachary View Post
I will click on them or let them run on YouTube so that they have to pay for the advertisement, with no intention of viewing the advertisement or buying what they're sellling.
You also are giving the content creator a couple pennies which is good.

What sucks worse is fbook has removed the ability to block and hide crap reels and videos from mediocre accounts s, even if you report the video.

Lately I’ve been bombarded with all foreign language crap, since day 1 most of fbook has been foreign language for me and none of the fixes do anything, foreign bs even creeps into YouTube and there appears to be very little you can do to change it. Like my data harvesting profile I can’t touch got hacked.
Never left Wisconsin so not sure why I would get Asian, phillipino and east European crapola. Delete accounts make new same bs.
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