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Originally Posted by krousdb View Post
Note: see also Autospeed article: adding a chin undertray to a 1st gen Prius

This is the 1st gen Prius tray.

I did this about a month ago....

Compare to the Prius undertray in this article: Autospeed article: adding a chin undertray to a 1st gen Prius

At least we are on the same page.

Yesterday I kicked it up a notch.....

Prius Rear Undertray Rear View. The drivers side does come with a tray (diffuser) but the passenger side is open due to the complication of the muffler and exhaust. I used a screw thru the coroplast about 1" long that rests on the muffler to keep a gap between the coroplast and the muffler. From the rear, the white coroplast was quite visible. The green paint was all I had. I also ran out of coroplast. Once I get more I will do something less piecemeal and paint it black. I have yet to go for a drive. Hopefully nothing falls off.
Which thickness of coroplast do you use. The choices available to me are 1/8", 1/4", and 3/8". With 4x8 sheet prices of $18, $45, and $60 respectively. Should I use the same thickness for both the underside and the wheel skirts. I have found no references to coroplast thickness in any of the articles.
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