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Originally Posted by krousdb View Post
I met with Frank with last Saturday. We used my car to make a mold of a lower grille block. Frank will be making me a fiberglass panel that will fit over the lower opening and hopefully I will have it installed soon. I will post pictures when I get them.

The grille block will have no openings to begin with. If I need more than the upper grille for cooling, then I will use a hole saw to cut a few openings. I will use a rubber plug to close them when I don't need the extra airflow.

I was able to get a 4x8 sheet of black coroplast. It is getting quite pricey now. The first time I bought coroplast, I paid $15. Now it is up to $30. I guess we can blame the ecomodding craze for that.

This weekend I hope to do a complete underbody pan. I also plan on working on a RH mirror delete cover panel and a windshield wiper shield.

A few weeks ago I installed new tires, ContiPremierContact in the OEM 185/65/15 size. These were highly rated by CR for low rolling resistance but they have fallen far short of my expectations. At first, my FE dropped by 10%. After 2000 miles, I still see a 5% reduction. When I put the Integrity's back on, the FE goes back up to the previous levels. When I finally do some tests to determine the effectiveness of all of these mods, I am hoping that the Conti's break in fully and get me back to where the Integrity's were. What would be really great is if I can find someone local with a Prius who could do a few highway runs so that we could do some comparisons. PM me you are willing to participate.
Which thickness of coroplast do you use. The choices available to me are 1/8", 1/4", and 3/8". With 4x8 sheet prices of $18, $45, and $60 respectively. Should I use the same thickness for both the underside and the wheel skirts. I have found no references to coroplast thickness in any of the articles.
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