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Originally Posted by catmwarrior View Post
Tire weight is very important. The less weight, the quicker you vehicle can be, and the less energy or fuel will be use to get up to and maintain speed. You can search this on the web. Every seven pounds you take off your rotational mass (alloy rims, light tires, alloy axles and driveshafts) is like taking 100lbs of weight out of the car.
Imagine riding your bicycle, well then take seven pounds or more of fishing weights, and add them to your spokes. It will take a lot more effort to pedal that bike. You may not notice with your vehicle because it has so much more horse power than you, but your fuel mileage will notice it.
Tire width also is important, but you can look into that on your own. Every seven pounds you take off of your rotational mass, you will gain 1/8 of a mile per gallon. My jeep, factory rims and tires I averaged 28MPG. After I swapped out; Allow driveshafts, ultra light rims with low rolling resistant tires, I averaged 33MPG at 55MPH.
* With ecomodding, what's important to us is, what's the difference at an identical rate of acceleration.
* Once up to cruise velocity, energy losses during braking can actually be 'harmed' with a mass reduction, considering hybrids, plug-in hybrids, and full BEVs.
* A rather remarkable difference in all-up weight will be necessary, in order to experience ANY change to rolling resistance-related power absorption and mpg, even if BSFC is known to be constant.
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