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Currently reading through my Haynes S10 repair manual.

Apparently the EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) is an emissions thing, designed to reduce pollution and make my truck not work right.

The book says the EGR valve is controlled by a vacuum control solenoid valve. That's a remotely operated electronic switch/valve, right?

The book also says that the duty cycle time for that valve is controlled by the computer using info from the ECT, VSS, and IAT sensors.

Does that mean that the problem could be one of the other sensors? If it was, wouldn't it give another error code in the flashing check engine light?

The book also said to check for leaky/bad vac hoses and noted that some models use a BACK-PRESSURE-TYPE EGR valve.

A back-pressure valve might have problems working right if there is something wrong with the exhaust system, right?

Earlier, some people made comments about a possible plugged up catalytic converter or similar problems.

Is all this connected? Is it starting to make sense to anyone?

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