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Recently purchased 1994 Geo Metro XFi

I recently purchased a 1994 Geo Metro XFi from the original owner and came with everything stock. If you look closely you can see the XFi sticker on the hatch just over the right brake light. The VIN# is 2C1MS24.... The engine has 260,000 freeway miles on it and the body and interior are in VG condition. I paid $1000.00 for it. I removed the spark plugs and they were in excellent condition with light beige deposit on all the tips. The engine compression on cylinder 1 is 134 PSI and on cylinders 2 & 3 the compression is 160 PSI.

First Question: Am I getting good compression for this engine with all the miles it has on it?

Second Question: What is the compression on a new XFi engine?

Third Question: Is it possible to do the engine timing on my 94 XFi without computer equipment? (I own a timing light and tach) If the answer is yes if you could provide specifics that would be much appreciated! I have the Chilton's 1985-2000 Repair Manual for Chevy Sprint/Metro, Geo Metro and Suzuki Swift but it is lacking in detail in regard to performing a timing check on the 94 XFi.



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