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Originally Posted by pawilkes View Post
I have given this a bit of thought and I think the best way to build a very streamlined car with minimal changes to the vehicle's structural integrity is to use a convertible. It allows you to define more of the roof line and start tappering earlier to reduce overall length. I like the idea of a Miata b/c its reasonably light weight and the original version had a pretty small engine and a friend of mine got ~43 mpg out of his. I think custom fiberglass top could be made with a big hatch in the back. now I just need a garage and some time to follow through on the idea.
My neighbor Bob had a Miata.After driving him to Lubbock,Texas in my CRX,he was so impressed with the mpg that he sold his Mazda upon returning home and bought a CRX to replace it.It was all grins from there on out.He did not consider the Miata to be a worthy candidate for mpg.Thats the only experience I have around the little Mazda.
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