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Drat! I was planning to mock up a cardboard Kammback on my dad's Corolla and ABA test it on the road this fall, but I ran out of time. I was hoping it would encourage someone in the sedan fleet to take the plunge.

But, yay! You're taking the plunge.


1) That black & white picture is by far the coolest;

2) You shouldn't have dew problems to solve on the OEM rear glass if it's shaded by the Kammback;

3) Definitely consider lexan/clear for part of the top portion if the horizon as viewed through your inside rearview mirror is higher than the lowest point of the Kammback;

4) Don't leave anything on the table by just following the existing side curvature; I'd change "potential" plan taper to "definite" That will put "shoulders" in the design, complicating construction, aesthetics & clearance for opening the trunk, but it's likely worth doing.

5) I'm just WAGging, but I'd say fences would be less effective than just going with a very generous radius at the top/side transition.

Are you planning to enclose the transom, or leave it open?
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