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Auto Intermittent Deer Horn - How to?

  • I drive 150 miles each night (1:00 AM to 6:00 AM) in the boonies of North Central South Dakota.
  • Most all of this is narrow two lane roads with lots of deer, raccoons, jack-rabbits and the rare, escaped, all-black/stealth cow.
  • Farm yards located with in 1/4 of the road are about 5 miles apart.

I would like to out fit my car with an intermittently beeping horn that can be operated via a toggle switch. Ideally the horn should emit short (1/8-1/4 sec.??) beeps about once each second.

I need an electric horn, a (HD) horn relay, wire, fuse & fuse holder toggle switch and ...

An suggestions for a cheap, ready made actuator circuit? Intermittent wiper are too slow. Emergency flashers are 50% on 50% off and speed is dependent on load.

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