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Wintertime has been here for some time now in my region. We actually got well over a foot of Lake Effect snow in my area yesterday and overnight. Way before winter, I installed a lower grille black made from truck mudflap material and used the block to mount my LED lamps and moved my license plate to be flush with the front of the car....................

This is really nice when a passing truck throws 30 pounds of slush, ice, and gravel at you when passing. My car warms up at least 50% faster than without the block.

I also installed a tank heater like described in this thread................

I bought a cheap mechanical timer and plugged it in overnight. I set the timer to turn on at 3:30 AM and turn off at 5:30 AM. When I got into the car this morning, I had warm heat already and my temp gauge was already in the normal operating range. My lifters and engine made none of the normal "cold weather noises" since using the block heater also.

Best 2 mods I have done to my car.
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