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Game's on! Ultimate Ecomodder Fuel Economy Challenge

You may already be a participant, and didn't even know it...


The Ultimate Ecomodder Challenge

To keep things new and fresh on the site we’ve decided to start a fun contest to see who is the Ultimate Ecomodder! We’ve selected 16 ecomodders to play in this tournament and all they need to do to participate is to continue pulling great mpg’s while keeping their fuel logs current. If you didn’t get selected don’t worry…we’ll give you a chance in the next contest!

FYI, Matt Herring spearheaded the challenge idea, and volunteered to act as the go-to guy / primary referee. Thanks, Matt!

Here’s how it works:

  • 16 ecomodders have been placed in a tournament style bracket.
  • To level the playing field each bracket matchup is handicapped (lower mpg drivers receive added mpg’s to balance out the difference between their 90 day mpg with their competitors 90 day mpg). For example…Car 1’s 90 day mpg is 30 mpg while Car 2’s 90 day mpg is 40 mpg. Car 1 would get 10 added mpg’s in this bracket matchup. After both Cars input their next tank in their fuel log, Car 2 would have to beat Car 1 by 10 mpg on that tank to advance to the next round. In the next round the 90 day mpg’s are again compared and added mpg’s are given to the lower mpg vehicle. The goal is to encourage getting your best mpg tanks while also making it an even competition for everyone.
  • Participants fuel logs will be monitored by the referees to make sure there’s no shenanigans during the competition (a prize will be awarded for the winner…it’s not $1 million or a free car so let’s keep this honest fellas!)
  • Each round matchup ends when both players have entered their next tank in the fuel log and the next round starts immediately (even if you don’t have an opponent yet). We are instituting a minimum 5 gallon fillup so the short tankers can be included in the competition but the long tankers don’t short their tank too much on a good run. The idea is to just do what you’ve always done and the contest will run itself to determine a winner.

Here’s our First Round Matchups:
* I_Am_Socket (Skeeter ’05 Corolla LE) vs. Tasdrouille (The Truck-Mine ’99 A3 Jetta TDI)…+23.12 adjustment for I_Am_Socket

* Johnny Mullet (Christine ’98 Metro Base) vs. Bhazard (The Festiva ’93 Ford Festiva L)…+13.67 for Bhazard

* CFG83 (’99 Wagon SWZ) vs. Tango Charlie (Olivia – ’03 Vibe)…+4.2 for Tango Charlie

* 1337 (The Benz – ’02 Mercedes Benz C230) vs. Robbiew (Yaris ’08 Yaris LB)…+12.98 for 1337 Benz

* PTSmith24 (El Camrino – ’90 Camry LE) vs. RH77 (Teggy – ’98 Integra LS)…+2.04 for PTSmith

* Big Dave (The Red Baron – ’00 F-350 XLT) vs. Neil Blanchard (Mica Blue – ’05 xA RS 2.0)…+17.95 for Big Dave

* Sean T. (Taurusaurus Rex – Taurus GL) vs. Binger (Just a Mirage – ’91 Mirage Hatchback)…+15.92 for Sean T.

* Super Trooper (Wicked Wanda – ’99 Beetle GLS) vs. Taco (Yoder – ’98 Tacoma 4x4)…+2.69 for Taco
Results will be posted here as they occur and round matchups will also be posted so you can track the results. Good luck fellas!

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