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Originally Posted by ATaylorRacing View Post
As far as a tach, I had purchased a Equus from O'Reilly Auto. You can set it up for 1-12 cylinders...
Equus... Good to know

Originally Posted by ATaylorRacing View Post
you MUST open it up and look at the directions first!
Directions??? what is this activity you speak of ??? Should I also put the toilet seat down when I'm finished? j/k

Originally Posted by ATaylorRacing View Post
and make sure that the model you are getting has a set up to read off of a induction wire clamped to a plug wire. The web site shows all of them like that but at the store the cheaper ones did not do it. When first hiooked up it was not reading correctly at all so we moved the induction calmp on wire from #1 to the coil wire and every thing worked great!
Seriously though, great information Angelo. Do you have an Equus part number you could share?

I can't be the only 2nd generation Metro owner who wants to instal a 3 cylinder tach in his car. 1st gen owners could find a convertable and salvage the cluster, but they don't fit the later years. Every wrecking yard 2nd gen metro that came with a factory tach (that I've looked at least) is a 4 cylinder, which would read low if used on my 3 cylinder.
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