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Originally Posted by brucepick View Post
Well now that I've taken a wrench to my car, it's not exactly an easy mod.

The Civic filter is rectangular and right up against the side of air box leaving little room for a hose opening there. I'd rather duct to the existing location at bottom of air box and reroute that intake tubing to the exhaust area.

I wanted to get the air box + intake tube assembly out but there's a crazy fastener for both at lower front of air box. Rather than bust it I think I'll wait till I can deconstruct one at a self service 'automotive recycling facility'.
I'm trying to think back to when I had my '97 DX. The filter was on top of the intake manifold and ran to a resonator box where your filter is. If I remember right, it was a pain to remove, so I left it. That was back in the CAI days, so I just cut the tube and re-routed it. Most cars have this "clean" design (which makes my filter tube an expensive part to replace).

I'm sure you have the same problem -- there's a lot going on near the box intake -- hoses, coolant overflow tank, A/C lines, and the ABS unit for me. I didn't have much room to make a 90-degree bend and use the existing inlet, so I made a new hole. It's actually a bigger challenge to find cool air -- the tube snakes its way down to an opening in front of the wheel.

Tas- Nice! It looks good and was easy to install.

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