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Originally Posted by Christ View Post
RH77 - Would you not get even warmer air if you placed the heatshield back on, and put the tube behind the header?
Version 1.0, 3-years ago, drew the air from between the heat shield and manifold. IATs were way too high -- 180F in the Winter! The faster warmups were nice, but detonation wasn't. v1.1 moved the tube to its current location, which is far enough away, but never broke 90F. Removing the shield allowed "v1.2" to reach 100-110F on cold days, 140F on 40F+ days (fall is a bit unpredictable). This is in combination with a rad-block and has worked well since.

I still have trouble getting the transmission up to temp with straight-cold starts (no access to an outlet for the EBH). The TC fails to engage for quite some time, despite full operating temps and nominal IATs. The situation is long-term airport parking, cold-soak, and immediate entry onto an Interstate highway. The only thing I haven't tried is an undertray to insulate the transmission housing from direct cold air flow (which doesn't make sense, according to the shop manual's flow chart of TC engagement).

I've always had a problem getting the TC engaged quickly from a cold start. The kickdown cable has been advanced to allow solid shifts and quick TC lockup when fully warm for a while. It's probably the fuzzy logic in the TCU preventing perceived cold lockup.

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