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Originally Posted by Christ View Post

So what I was thinking while asking about putting the thingy back behind the other thingy... (your V1.0...) was to also incorporate a cool-air tube with a variable valve on it, (techie term for a motorized flap), that would be controlled by the (modified) output of the IAT sensor... so you could basically keep your intake temp optimal, +/- 15*F (reaction time)

Plus, it wouldn't be too hard to route cooler air, since there was that nice resonator under the bumper that you took out... I'm thinking a nice little valve there, instead of tape.

See what I mean? Plus, by the time you're done, it could look mostly stock... if that's a concern. (For me, it usually is.)
I see what you mean now...

I've had plans for a temperature-dependent intake system for a while (everything from an elaborate plan to use servos with butterfly valves and 2 tubes to using a simple used part instead). I'm told that I could source used parts from some 90's Volvos, GM throttle-body injection intakes, or old carburetted setups. I just need to take the time. The current setup works pretty well...

So, how much efficiency can be gained by adding back the manifold shield? It was a rattle point, so it was removed. As for the resonator, it was pretty bulky, so I got rid of it. It never really sourced cooler air, just air restriction and full-throttle sound deadening + weight.
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