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Originally Posted by trebuchet03 View Post
All that said, last I checked, TierII emissions standards are in grams per mile. Weather or not you get 10mpg or 100mpg, the grams per mile figure does not change.

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So if my Del Sol all of a sudden only consumes one gallon of fuel per year(no driving distance changes) my emissions don't go down?

emissions are not magic, they come out of gasoline(or diesel).

Let's talk pre-cat.

over the course of a week we will say I use 10 gallons with everything(cat, pipes, muffler) intact(350 miles). Let's say I pop all of that out in favor of a more efficient FE system and gain 5 MPG.

So week One I have 10 gallons of emissions that hit the cat. Week two I only use, 8.75 gallons of emissions. However on week two all of those emissions make it into the atmosphere, whereas in week one a very small part do. If you look through all my posts I never disagreed with that.

The argument is global emissions. Not just your tailpipe.

It takes way more emissions to get the gasoline(diesel) into your tank than your car could yield without any cat. If you want the proof its 7-8 posts above when I ran a thorough analysis of 2 different refineries to make the case refineries and electrical plants alone produce more emissions than your car. Then add in the emissions generated from transit(Oceanic, pipeline, diesel truck) and its really not even close. Just the amount of emissions produced to get the electricity to do the refining creates more emissions.

SoD, has a very legitimate point that may be the reason emissions are regulated on cars. coal plants and refineries are usually distanced from population centers, but your tailpipe is not.

That said I'd still rather push global down and the local up because alot of countries have no intention of mitigating theirs just because. However if you give them a car that gets phenomenal mileage they will limit it anyway by consuming less fuel.
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