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Originally Posted by theunchosen View Post
So if my Del Sol all of a sudden only consumes one gallon of fuel per year(no driving distance changes) my emissions don't go down?
Potentially - keep in mind that small motor scooters, despite their lower consumption have been found to pollute more that farm equipment in grams/mile. Your consumption doesn't change the standards you are required to meet - if you're a motor scooter, those standards are super lax.

over the course of a week we will say I use 10 gallons with everything(cat, pipes, muffler) intact(350 miles). Let's say I pop all of that out in favor of a more efficient FE system and gain 5 MPG.
Please, tell me where you see gallons of fuel in the grams per mile unit.

It doesn't matter how many gallons you burn - that is not what standard controls.... It's purely emissions per mile weather or not you burn 10 gallons, 12 gallons, 20 gallons etc.

If you feel emissions on the refining/distribution side is something less than optimal at this current time... Then write your representative(s) to enact and enforce stricter emissions standard - ask them to join the lawsuit in progress. Going backwards on end user emissions so sludge eating oil tankers and refineries put out less is just idiotic. You can't rob Peter to pay Paul and expect to win.

At least we have 35mpg in new cars by 2020 (which should help with the distribution side)... But that still puts us behind China, EU, Japan..... Other indicators say we're done being number 1 anyway

And again.... I fail to see where the new stricter standards are slashing FE, hindering innovation, etc....

Despite new emissions regulations in the mid 70's, 90's and now 00's - mpg figures are still going up, emissions per mile are going down and power output is going up (personally, I'd rather see more flat hp curves in favor of mpg gains... bugger).

Annual Energy Review 2006 - Energy Perspectives

Cars have not created a new problem. They merely made more urgent the necessity to solve existing ones.
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