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Originally Posted by tasdrouille View Post
You guys are extremely shortsighted. Since Feb 2007 the average weekly price gap between ULSD and RUG in the US has been 11%.
We're not short sighted. I would love to own a diesel car if it passed California emissions (im not going to own some 20 year old smoke bucket) and the cost of diesel fuel was consistant with gasoline. Even if diesel cost 10-20% more than gasoline consistently over the long term, I would happily drive one. But the volatility in diesel prices is insane. Here in California, the 11% average difference you quoted (i have no idea where you pulled that number from) simply doesn't apply. I've never seen diesel for less than a 20% premium over regular unleaded over the last 3 years. Maybe there are other parts of the country where diesel makes sense but not here.

Originally Posted by trebuchet03 View Post
The only thing this graph proves is that there is absolutely zero correlation between peak HP and fuel economy and people's hatred of powerful cars is totally misguided. You simply can't trade one for the other.

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