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Originally Posted by tjts1 View Post
We're not short sighted. I would love to own a diesel car if it passed California emissions (im not going to own some 20 year old smoke bucket) and the cost of diesel fuel was consistant with gasoline. Even if diesel cost 10-20% more than gasoline consistently over the long term, I would happily drive one. But the volatility in diesel prices is insane.
2009 TDI is a 50 state Diesel
Originally Posted by LATimes
The Jetta TDI was the first European-made diesel car certified in all 50 states, passing even California's super-strict emissions standards. It went on sale in August. Powered by a hyper-clean 2.0-liter direct-injection turbo-diesel, the Jetta doesn't require exotic post-combustion exhaust treatments as do vehicles with larger engines (such as Mercedes-Benzes, Audis and BMWs). The offending NOx molecules in the Jetta's exhaust are trapped in a special catalyst and burned as engine conditions allow. There is a very slight diesel clatter from the engine bay, but no smoke or smell. In almost every respect, the diesel system is transparent to the driver.

Originally Posted by tjts1 View Post
The only thing this graph proves is that there is absolutely zero correlation between peak HP and fuel economy...
Saying that graph shows zero correlation is quite fallacious.... It doesn't say there is a direct link either. It's a sales rated graph. The point of those graphs is to show how both power output and fuel economy have increased since implementing emissions legislation.

And here in California, your 11% average (i have no idea where you pulled that number from) simply doesn't apply.
I didn't say it, nor am I aware of the trends The only thing I've looked at recently, with respect to diesel prices, is the number's AAA reports The last time I lived in CA, I was mostly oblivious to fuel prices because I went car less (Hooray Bike, Bart and Muni)
Cars have not created a new problem. They merely made more urgent the necessity to solve existing ones.
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