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So you didn't like it? Hmm. Didn't know that so many people were aware of the ASPIRE project, albeit International vs. Domestic flights. You and I have some knowledge of how the system operates. My goal was to educate the public on the issue of why and how delays occur and about this particular press release from United.

I can see you may be a involved with KC-135's, by your avatar. How many times have you flown commercially? Usually, if there's any delay, there's a mob of unruly people hounding the gate agent. The ATC problem isn't as well-known as you may think.

So, to address the Carbon offset schemes available:

Make of them what you will. I'll admit my guilt in flying in old DC-9's and regional jets. I have a job to do and a certain amount of time to do it, so I choose certain airlines and hubs.

Oh, and by the way, where's your Garage Entry?


Originally Posted by CobraBall View Post
Googled "rick harrell united airlines" & got ecomodder hit.

NEWS FLASH Ricky! Anyone with a pulse, 20/20 vision and a command of the English language would know that the FAA-ATC system has an unique ability to remain years behind in the current technology. This has been going on since the invention of the first solid state devise.

Quote from Rick Harrell: "If you’re concerned with emissions, choose an airline with a documented carbon offset scheme."

CHALLENGE: Anyone find an official news release or document from a USA airlines that as a "carbon offset scheme".

What is sad Ricky is , if any US airline did have a carbon offset plan it would be nothing more than a scheme. Scheme another word for BS, or pull the wool over...

Does Ricky Harrell have a Carbon Offset scheme to offset his blog's carbon emissions?

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