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Originally Posted by SVOboy View Post
HHO is always going to be a heated topic here, especially because there is a whole lot of talk about it and still no proof that any retrofit system works. Sure, it improves combustion efficiency in highly tailored environments, but what does that mean for us? Unless one of us is building and engine from scratch, I think, not much.

If you want to talk about specs on building hho systems and fiddling around with that stuff, go here: HHO Forums - Trying to facilitate the production of HHO for the common folk. - Powered by vBulletin EcoModder is for proven or scientifically sound modifications and driving techniques, so let's keep it there or junk will have to be culled. What's more, EM is a place of civilized discussion, meaning no name calling or blatant rudeness. If you break the rules you will be yelled at, your posts deleted, and you banned. So keep that in mind,
I saw this post turning sour when Christ responded so I made another one on another problem or rather, another thing that hasn't been extensively covered here.
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