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Rolfwaffle: what you just said was the sorts of things I was thinking to be able to use full biodiesel year-round.

Coyote X: I am also interested in home-ethanol, but don't know anyone who does that. I do know some people working with bio-diesel.

I did brew my own batch of beer once. It does take some work. I imagine making ethanol would only be a few steps more complicated.

I also talked to an alternative energy guy the other night who knows something about both bio-diesel and ethanol production. His big thing is "closed-system renewability": doing energy production where whatever waste there is becomes the source material for something else. In his opinion, ethanol fits into that much better than biodiesel.

At this point though, it looks like biodiesel is much more within my reach than ethanol.

(I do love the idea of ethanol in terms of temperature range!)
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