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rik's prerunner - '03 Toyota Tacoma Prerunner Double Cab TRD 4A
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'03 Tacoma Prerunner - Aerodynamix

Ok, so here's a preview of last night's mods:

Current Aero-Mod Inventory:
  • Half-Tonneau Cover
  • Belly Screen
  • Smooth Wheel Covers
  • Rear Wheel Skirts
  • Top and Bottom Grille Blocks

Best Numbers: I calculated my actual best commute, scaling my uncalibrated ScanGauge numbers, at about 29mpg, based on my very consistent and rising commute mpgs from last week. The actual fillup was 27.7mpg. EPA is 18.

Next Adventures: I removed last week's roof vortex generators (DIY AirTab type) temporarily. And forgot to put them back on. I also meant to fold back the passenger-side mirror this morning. For my next mod, I'm thinking to use my remaining strip of coroplast to make a temporary mini-Kammback-spoiler for the roof, and I'll cut VGs into that. I'll also be making dams for the front wheel wells - since the Prerunner comes lifted, there's a lot of space above the front wheels.

I'll post more pix as I go along. As for science... sorry, for now "I want my mpgs", and if I nerd out too much, I'll never finish my mods. But eventually I'd love to do some coastdowns.

For this week, please join me in cheering on my wheel mods. If can I relearn to drive with my way-off ScanGauge recalibration (ugh!), I oughta be able to fill up at 30mpg this week.

Other data for those interested:
2003 Tacoma Prerunner
Double Cab, Short Bed
2.7L 3RZ-FE 4-cylinder automatic

Suggestions needed:
I'll need clever and easy ideas for accessing the tire valves. I'll explain more when I post pix of the wheel covers, which are of the DIY pizza pan variety, secured for now with zip-ties. I'm thinking I may buy valve extenders so they can be permanently accessible. The alternative, of course, seems to be to cut a sizable hole in each of the covers.

For more... please see my Trip Log.

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