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CRX wheels

Originally Posted by 1337 View Post
I've been calling junkyards, and all of them seem to want over $200 (shipped) for a set of Insight wheels. Now I'm thinking of buying '80s CRX Si 14" alloys (the ones with 4 big holes). The wheels are flat, and the holes look easy to cover to make a flat disc.

This is the wheel i have in mind:


Anyone know the weight on these?
I have these on my '84 CRX.I got them to run the Michelin MXV Green-X LRR tires.I may have a weight for them.It cost me $1,000 for the wheels and tires and absolutely no benefit to mpg.Bummer!-------PS Honda changed their C-to_C bolt pattern in the next gen vehicles.Is that the same fit as your Protege?
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